Effortless Outfits – Spring / Summer 2020 by Effortless Gent
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Effortless Outfits – Spring / Summer 2020

What if you knew exactly what to wear every single morning… without feeling overwhelmed or having to repeat boring, blah outfits?

Effortless Outfits is complete, shoppable outfits no matter what you’re getting dressed for, with real-life examples showing you how to wear them.
Enrollment is closed

"I NEVER know what to buy when I go shopping"

Hey man! Just curious. How many times have you:
  • Wandered the mall for hours trying to figure out what to buy, only to end your shopping trip frustrated and empty-handed?
  • Endlessly scrolled through a brand's website during a big sale because you want to take advantage of the great deals, but not really knowing what you need?
  • ​Stared blankly into a closet overflowing with clothing, yet always feeling like you have absolutely nothing to wear?
The problem? You're shopping all wrong
When you go shopping, you find a cool shirt here, a decent pair of pants there... but you don't have a plan! This leads to the same result every time: Lots of clothes, but nothing to wear.

Your anxiety increases because you never have the right stuff. You waste money buying clothing you don't need. On top of all that, you never know if a brand is worth the money or not.

So, you need clothes, but you don't know what to buy...

Why is it so hard to find the right clothing?

1. Too many options
Levi's doesn't just have one style of jeans.

They have like 15 different styles, all fitting slightly differently. And each style has 20 different washes! On top of that, the styles are numbered: 501, 512, 541... what the hell's the difference? How are you supposed to know?

And that's just one brand.

The truth is, most brands have multiple styles, fits, and washes. If you don't know what to look for, it can get confusing, quickly.

2. Brands and stores carry new clothing all the time
Seeing new stuff every time you visit the mall or browse through a brand's online website? Brands try to release new clothing as often as possible—sometimes every 6-8 weeks—which can be overwhelming without a good shopping plan. 

3. "Is this brand worth my money?"
Let's say you have a certain look in mind you're trying to achieve. Which stores should you shop? Which brands are worth the money, and which ones aren't?

Sometimes it's hard to tell.

You wouldn't want to buy an outfit thinking you're getting a deal, but then it falls apart after one wash.

Hey friend, I'm Barron

I run a men’s style site and YouTube channel called Effortless Gent. I’ve been helping ambitious guys dress well and feel confident in their clothes since 2009.

Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of guys read our style articles and watch our videos every single month to figure out how to dress better!

I’ve had the benefit of talking to many of my readers and subscribers through the years, and I realized that most guys want two things:
  • to figure out what looks good on them, and once they know that,
  • ​to have easy, great looking outfits.
Most guys don’t have the time nor the desire to “learn about fashion”, they just want to look good and feel confident in the clothes they wear!

But since they have no plan, they repeat the same cycle over and over again:   Buying clothes that look cool on the rack without knowing how to wear them with everything else they own once they get back home.

I want to break you out of that annoying cycle!

Imagine if you just knew what to wear… every single day

No one ever taught   you how to dress; you sorta just "figured it out" and left it at that.

You've been told (by society, by movies, by actual people) that how you dress doesn't matter.

Except, it does! And you know it does, too.

You want to present yourself in a way that makes you proud...

That inspires confidence...

That lets you hold your head up high, and once in a while, that wins you over a few compliments, too.

Effortless Outfits

A no-fluff style and shopping guide showing you the exact outfits you need to look sharp in warm weather, no matter where you're headed!
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  • Outfits for formal, smart casual, and casual scenarios, so you'll look great when you're lounging at home, working at the office, and every possible occasion in between

  • Clothing alternatives for each item I suggest so you never run out of outfit ideas or options

  • 4 distinct Style Avatars — your style "templates" that make it easy to decide how to dress today (depending on how you're feeling or where you're going)

  • New for Summer 2020: The Best Colors To Wear In Warmer Weather (Beyond The Basics) — we go beyond neutrals and earth tones and show you how to wear other colors that are perfect for the summer season

  • New for Summer 2020: The Key To Making Basic Outfits More Stylish and Unique — my list of Effortless Gent-approved trends that'll help you "dip your toe" into modern and of-the-moment styles without doing it wrong, looking like a try-hard, or spending too much money. You'll realize it's much easier to amp up your personal style than you thought!

  • ​​Easy, direct links to buy all  the clothing, and shots of real guys wearing similar outfits so you know how to wear them

  • "Endless Options" Guarantee: Love something I linked to in Effortless Outfits, but it's out of stock? I'll find you an alternative. Since brands and online stores sell out of items all the time; I make sure to regularly update links so you're never left without options


This includes a no-questions-asked, 30-day money back guarantee.

PLUS, you're gonna love these bonuses

  • New Bonus for Summer 2020: Curated Pinterest boards for fresh inspiration and style examples — Now you'll never run out of ideas for wearing the outfits and trying the trends and colors in this program. Each lesson has its own frequently-updated Pinterest board!

  • ​You'll also get a copy of Shopping Shortcuts, my specific list of stores and brands to help you find clothes that fit your personal style while staying within your budget.

  • ​I'll also include Effortless Tailoring, a mini course that ensures you won't waste money or be disappointed with how your clothes turn out when you take them to the tailor. Get exactly what you expect!

30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Look, I know what it’s like to buy something online when you’re not totally sure it’ll work for you. The last thing you want to do is spend money on a product that simply wasn’t worth it.

Before I created this guide, I surveyed hundreds of Effortless Gent readers and took into account all their needs and suggestions. Effortless Outfits is the result of implementing all the feedback I received, and I’m really proud of how it came out and excited to see how it can help you.
30day-guarantee-185px.png 19.25 KB

I’m certain that if you just follow along, go through the material, and buy the clothing I suggest, you will end up with great outfits you love and feel confident wearing. You’ll never be stuck feeling hopeless while staring into your closet again.

But if, for whatever reason, you don’t love Effortless Outfits, and it does not help you look sharp and save time by showing you the exact outfits to wear, I insist you get 100% of your money back.  Simply send me a quick email within 30 days letting me know, and I’ll refund your purchase.

Bryan Understands The Importance Of Dressing Well

A Few Common Questions

So how exactly does Effortless Outfits work?

Think of Effortless Outfits as a style guide and shopping guide in one. Like a grocery list. But instead of groceries, it's for sharp looking outfits, curated just for you!

We lay out a few colors to try (with real-life examples), different trends to experiment with (again, real-life examples included), and Style Avatars, which are just guides to give you an idea of the overall style you're going for.

To keep up the "shopping for groceries" analogy, the Style Avatar is your recipe.  Gotta know what you're cooking before you buy ingredients, right?

Within each of the 3 sections, I'll suggest clothing items for you to buy (if you like the look) and examples of how to wear them. And no matter if you're going casual, full-on formal, or something in between... you'll find an outfit that fits the bill.

From there, all you have to do is buy the clothes that are pictured and linked, and bam, you’re done!

What are the bonuses (Shopping Shortcuts, Effortless Tailoring, and the curated Pinterest boards) all about?

Shopping Shortcuts is my curated list of the exact stores and brands I frequently shop and recommend to my readers (most of which I’ve been recommending for years, which means these aren’t fly-by-night trendy brands or stores)

These brands are perfect for finding clothes that fit your personal style.

To make it easy and straight-forward, I’ve separated them by their specialties, and indicated if it’s an affordable, mid-tier, or luxury store or brand ($- $$$).

 Effortless Tailoring is a mini course all about how to talk to your tailor. I don't know how you feel, but sometimes going to a  tailor can be intimidating!

With these actionable tips, you'll be able to speak with your tailor confidently, know precisely what to ask for, and leave with a perfectly-tailored garment that fits exactly how you expect it to fit.

And the Pinterest boards are put together especially for you, so you get even more out of each lesson.

For each lesson on new colors, trends, and Style Avatars, you'll find endless inspiration and ideas for how to wear the clothing you buy. I'm updating these boards consistently so you'll never run out of ideas.

How do I figure out the style I'm going for before I go shopping?

This  is exactly what Style Avatars will  help you do.

The last thing I want is for you to buy clothes that don't make sense for your lifestyle.  We'll go through each one, and by the end, you'll know the style you want to achieve before  you buy your first garment.

Don't worry, I got you.

I’m on a budget. Will the clothes you recommend in Effortless Outfits be too expensive for me?

I get that everyone is on a different budget. I made sure to include a variety of options for each outfit at different price points.

That being said, at Effortless Gent, we focus as much as possible on recommending products that balance cost, quality, and wear.

So while we don’t suggest you buy $5 sweaters, we also don’t push you to purchase $2500 sweaters (yes, they exist).

If you can afford to shop brands and stores like J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, and Nordstrom, you’ll love what we suggest for you in Effortless Outfits.

I don’t live in the US. Can I still use Effortless Outfits?

Yes, totally. Most stores have international shipping or sell in stores that are local to your area.

Worst case scenario, you may have to find brands and stores that sell or ship locally (or find similar items at stores near you), but at least you will have entire outfits already planned out.

What if items you suggest are out of stock?

If you've shopped online before, you know that things move quickly. Sometimes a bit   too  quickly! If you find a suggested item in Effortless Outfits is missing or out of stock, just know it's not intentional.

This is where my "Endless Options" guarantee comes into play.

We'll be monitoring inventory regularly, but if you do find an out-of-stock item, use the built-in messaging app to let us know, and we'll find an alternative for that clothing item right away. 

I want to look good, but don’t want to dress too young or too trendy. Will Effortless Outfits work for me?


On Effortless Gent, we focus solely on teaching guys how to build minimalist, lean wardrobes filled with the basics and essentials that are easy to mix and match.

Stuff that’s sharp, yet casual… current, but not trendy… and best of all, extremely adaptable and flexible, depending on where you’re going and what you need to wear.

To us, this type of style is what’s most timeless, and I’ve created Effortless Outfits with the same ideas in mind.

You already know you want to dress better.

In fact, you’ve already looked through photos of guys with great style, got inspired and pumped up for your new look, then went to the mall (or browsed around online) to find those pieces…

But you always ended up empty-handed.


It’s hard to figure out your style and what kind of look you’re going for, much less the individual clothing items you should buy.

How long are you going to continue floating along in style limbo?

How many months or years are you going to let go by, never fully feeling like yourself in your clothes?

In fact, how many years have already gone by, with you wearing outfits that just aren’t you?

I want to shortcut the entire style evolution process for you with Effortless Outfits.

I want to keep it simple and get straight to the good stuff: Sharp looking outfits based on the type of style you like.

Inspiration so you know what look you’re going for. Images that show you what you’re shopping for. Links to buy the exact items I suggest.

How much easier can it get?

Effortless Outfits is the style shortcut you’ve been looking for.

I look forward to seeing your stylish looks!